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We work with our own set of values that help unlock creativity and practicality to take inner mastery and strategic business planning to the highest level.
We act in harmony with the earth, our environment and all beings who live on it. We take this as our top priority. In this way we act in accordance to the principals & values of Permaculture. This way the value that we create in the world is a true legacy for all beings who are living with us now and for all those who come after us. Our legacy is valuable, clean & green.
We act in alignment with the universal laws that govern us, we recognize that we are more than a body & that our connection to the Creator, the Great Spirit, God, is of the most importance. We serve in a way that uplifts & enlightens those who cross our path. In this way we ensure that our leadership & our service is in alignment with our heart & we serve with deep ALOHA for eachother.
We act in accordance with the true origin and meaning behind the word Entrepreneur which is, between-parts. We are the ones here to serve & to provide value to those in need. It is our responsibility to connect those seeking an answer to the solution to that problem. To be a leader connect the necessary, steps, wisdom or service to create tremendous value for those we love. 
Aloha, I'm Greg Bigs.
The Reality Alchemist.
Throughout my adventures, I have uncovered many golden teachings that help penetrate the deepest levels of consciousness to draw out your dreams, goals, visions and desires into your reality.

Inspired by Mother Nature and her infinite wisdom, I have dedicated my path to Serve those ready to embody their true divine essence with strength, courage and vulnerability as they step into their true power and rise. I achieve this through my unique passion for bridging personal development, spirituality and ancient wisdom with practical business strategies to help you thrive in this modern time.

I can help you turn your passions into an aligned, heart-centered stream of income by drawing out your greatest vision through a perfectly balanced masculine-feminine structure. I will provide you the tools you need to thrive as your best, fully embodied self.

If you are ready to finally rise, be seen and serve your highest purpose, this is YOUR invitation.
Want To Know More Of My Story?
We work exclusively with hand picked clients we are passionate about, who they are helping and have a product or service that serves the highest good for all. Harmonizing with nature we ensure that our service as well as our clients follow the Principals of Permaculture. 
Want To Know More Of My Story?
We work exclusively with hand picked clients we are passionate about, who they are helping and have a product or service that serves the highest good for all. Harmonizing with nature we ensure that our service as well as our clients follow the Principals of Permaculture. 
Who We Are & What We Stand For
Observe & Interact 
By taking the time to engage with you and your business we can design solutions that suit your needs and your particular mission. We are about you and we make sure we understand your brand and your mission.

Catch & Store Energy 
By creating systems that collect resources when they are abundant we can use them in times of need. We create content and strategies that operate perfectly in the abundant online world and use these resources to get your mission seen.

Obtain a Yield 
is about ensuring that you are getting truly useful rewards for the work your are doing. We make sure that you receive what you deserve for all that you give through your mission. We know how to increase profits and obtain a yield that reflects what you offer.

Apply Self-Regulation & Accept Feedback 
By encouraging appropriate and relevant activity we know that systems will continue to function well. This means we put our effort where it matters most and we take your feedback seriously. We want our service to reflect your brand perfectly.

Use & Value Renewable Resources & Services 
Make the best use of nature’s abundance to reduce our consumptive behaviour and dependence on non-renewable resources. This is where you and your values come into alignment with ours. Our vision is about creating a world and economy that functions in harmony with the natural rhythms. We know you understand this because you found us and your business is founded in these values.

Produce No Waste 
The more we as humans can learn to produce no waste in a literal sense the better quality of lives we will lead. In business this means valuing and making use of all our resources to ensure nothing goes to waste. This is where our team comes in. We have built a team that works flawlessly together. We cover all the bases and we don’t waste time, money, energy, or resources.

Design from Patterns to Details
By stepping back, we can observe patterns in nature and society. These will form the backbone of our designs filling in the details as we go. This means we know what’s relevant in the market, we step into your industry and do the research, we know what your vision is and we design from those foundations.

Integrate Rather than Segregate 
By putting the right things in the right place, relationships develop between them and they support each other. This means we know where to place your ads and how to position your offers, products, and services so they can build engagement and support your vision.

Use Small & Slow Solutions 
Small and slow systems allow us the create the perfect foundation for your mission. Having a small system allows the maintenance to be simple and effective. Small and Slow solutions produces big and fast results.

Use & Value Diversity 
Diversity reduces vulnerability to a variety of threats and takes advantage of the unique nature of the environment in which is resides. This means we don’t put all our seeds in one plot. We use diversity in ad placement and strategy. We make sure you’re getting traffic from multiple sources.

Use Edges & Value the Marginal 
The interface between things is where the most interesting events take place. We know how important it is to understand the relationship between where you get your traffic and how that converts to sales. By making changes and enhancements to your sales process and creating an effective system we increase the total value you experience.

Creatively Use & Respond to Change 
We can have a positive impact on inevitable change by carefully observing and then intervening at the right time. This means we watch the market, we know the trends, and we stay up to date. This prepares us to make shifts that serve the online marketing world at the right time.
Our Principals & 
The foundation of our core values are found within the ethics and principles of permaculture. 

To understand our values we must first understand what permaculture is. Permaculture is a design process founded in creativity and based on whole systems thinking informed by ethics and the 12 principles. It is about living in harmony with the earth, each other, and all beings. 

Our business is rooted in the belief that we must come together in collaboration with core values that honour the earth and her systems. We must create new systems and innovate designs that work with the natural rhythms, rather than against them. 

These principles are most commonly understood within agriculture and food forestry systems and we believe they can be applied to all aspects of our human lives. Like food forestry, Business is a system that we designed to create resources, services, products and outcomes that serve the economic growth of society. When we view business from the permaculture perspective our growth accelerates.
The three ethics that form the foundation for the principles are Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

Earth Care 
Earth Care in business is essential to our growth as humans whether we are a big business, stat up or a small business. Including within our foundation a respect for our impact on the earth will ultimately create a business that lasts far into the future. We care about the earth and we know you do to, that’s why you’ve found us and together our passion for earth care will lead us to the top and sustain us into the future.

People Care
People Care in business is the foundation of good business. When the people are taken care of the business will succeed. This goes for the people working for the company as well as the people using the products and services. Taking care of people is our top priority as we help our clients, that also align with these values, reach their goals and accomplish their dreams.

We love this quote about people care. "If people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper." We believe this is true when doing business as well. We care about you and we want to make your business’ success simple and effective.

Fair Share 
Fair Share in business is about acknowledging the abundance of the world and ensuring we all share that wealth. By recognizing that everyone deserves success we can be creative in our design on how to get each other where we want to be. Success is important to all of us. We make sure you get what you deserve and that you keep growing. We are provided with times of abundance and this allows us to share with each other, share these values and principles and share in the success of our passions.
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